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Richard Champion has been a committed Christian for over 30 years.  He has served in his local church and been under the leadership of his Pastor.  He has a passion for the lost, and sharing the love of Jesus the Christ, with the unsaved.  He is not confrontational or aggressive, but is bold whilst being gentle at the same time. Please see his letter of commendation from his pastor below.  Verbal references can be supplied on request.

Richard Champion’s Pastor Reference Richard Champion has been part of Broadfield Christian Fellowship for the past three years.  He has joined into the life of the church and is keen to grow in his Christian life and share his faith with others. Richard’s calling is to take the cross to various towns and cities throughout the UK and, with his vision to serve Christ, he had the cross commissioned on his own initiative. Broadfield Christian Fellowship is pleased to support Richard in this venture and, indeed, Richard carried the cross to our town-wide service at Easter 2014 and 2015.

Dave Evans

Senior Pastor, Broadfield Christian Fellowship

I met Richard on Hove, Brighton sea front last year carrying his cross after walking through the gay pride parade with his cross. I was so impressed seeing him standing there with this massive cross on such a God forsaken day.  I was just thinking to myself I wish there was a Godly influence in this gay pride event and then there I saw Richard with his cross, what a breathe of fresh air and light of real love shining through the actions of this Godly man and I was so impressed and was so pleased to see this influence on this day of gay celebration. What a marvellous ministry this man has and i admire his guts, his courage and vision. Out of all the churches in Brighton i dont know off any outreach on this of gay pride event but i saw a man  displaying God’s love which was Richard Chamion and his amazing cross. Thank you Richard for coming to Brighton. And i wish you all the best for your walk from Brighton to Scotland Best wishes Christine Hyde

Here is a brief report on a walk in 2014:
Richard Champion was introduced to us by our long term friend, Evangelist Dougie March. Richard came to Birmingham in the Spring of 2014 with a vision to carry a cross between the football stadiums of Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion as a way to reach out to youth, especially the fatherless. 

We held a fellowship meeting with him the night before the walk. We organised a route together and accompanied him on the walk. He stopped for some conversations on the way and gave out some literature. He started at Aston Villa football ground and walked about 7 miles in total, passing West Bromwich Albion’s ground and finishing in West Bromwich high street where he erected his cross on a stand; as we held an open air service. 

We believe his evangelistic action had an effect in the area. We were encouraged by his visit and look forward to partnering together with him in evangelism in the future.
Every blessing, Pastor Peter Samuels

Petra Church

Freelance Christian Ministries members went on a group trip at Brighton Seafront and in the middle of gay pride parade we met a man carrying a cross and we were blessed by his unique ministry last year. In the summer Richard brought the cross to Mitcham joining our church evangelism team, the community was blessed. Robert Doe

Reverend, Freelance Christian Ministries

I have known Richard for many years, he is a loving father (and now a granddad). He has a wonderful love for the lost and for orphaned children.  I would highly recommend him to any church looking for a cross-walking outreach project in your local town. Gary Guillon

South East Director, FGBMFI